CBC leadership


  1. CBC seeks to function as a Biblical New Testament Church.  The New Testament Church was led by men who were “faithful” and were “qualified” to lead God’s people, (I Timothy 3:8-ff, Titus 1:5-ff and Ephesians 4;11-ff).
  2.  CBC functions with a Pastor, Elders and Deacons!  These men are responsible to God, “to shepherd the flock” and “...to equip the saints for the work of ministry” and to “serve one another”. 
  3.  Every member of the Church is encouraged to discover the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit, I Cor. 12-14; Eph. 4 and Romans 12.   Utilizing each gift is vital for the entire “building up” of the body to spiritual maturity!  So, since every gift is vital, it is our desire to see those wonderful gifts displayed through all the family of CBC!  Those gifts displayed in the body include:  showing mercy, exhortation, encouragement, teaching, evangelizing, helps, giving, etc.


Our pastor

Pastor Clarence Reed

  •  Pastor Reed attended Mid-South Bible College, Harding Grad School of Religion and Dallas Theological Seminary.  His course of study at Bible College was Bible and Theology.  And, his course of study at Harding was Biblical-Pastoral Counseling.  And, his course of study at Dallas was Bible, Theology and Pastoral Ministries.
  • While studying at Dallas, the Lord brought Laurie into his life.  Laurie and Clarence have enjoyed 38 years of marriage (1981)!  The Lord continues to bless them with wonderful children/spouses and grandchildren.
  • Pastor Reed is committed to His Lord, His Word, to his own wife and family, and to the Community Bible Church Family. He loves the CBC family because of their unwavering commitment to the Lord and His Word.