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Take advantage of great and resourceful Bible study tools. Many in the kingdom of God have greatly contributed to the advancement of learning the Bible. It is our hope you will make the most of these free tools.

YouVersion Bible App

One of the great things about our modern day is the ability to access a great deal of software tools to study the Bible. Take advantage of this great YouVersion link to download a Bible app into your mobile device. Select the link that suits the needs of your mobile device.


From the author of the software:

e-Sword is feature rich and user friendly. This combination is what I pursued, so there were decisions I had to make when implementing features. If a feature became too complicated, I abandoned it to keep things simple. The $500.00 software might be able to do more, but does the average user know how to take advantage of it? No! Below are features that make studying God's Word enjoyable and enriching.

e-Sword is free for the Windows Platform (any version). For a small fee, e-Sword is available for the Mac platform (OSX any version), and iOS available at the Apple App Store. »